VOV Service Consult

Apprenticeship Program


When there is a request from a customer to train an engineer to be able to recruit in the future, our training program with apprentices / consultants is a good alternative for all parties involved. This is done by the customer having a project where we first together create a goal picture of what work the apprentice / consultant should be able to perform independently after two years. Based on the goal picture, an analysis is made of what training needs there are for the consultant to get there. Courses, certificates and experiences must be determined here.

The apprenticeship process

At the beginning of the process, the focus is on training and getting all the work certificates and the like needed to carry out the work. Then, as the apprentice / consultant grows into the role, the focus shifts to practical experiences and work. The last step is independent work as an apprentice. The entire apprenticeship process is flexible where training and tasks can be changed according to the customer’s needs during the ongoing process.


The apprenticeship system runs for two years. Meanwhile, the customer pays working hours in the form of training salary and for internal courses. ​VOV Service Consult is responsible for other costs such as supervision, employee meetings and project management. The training salary is according to a cost ladder. Reconciliation and steps in the cost ladder are done every 6 months.

Win-Win-Win benefits

  • The customer gets the opportunity to try a consultant / apprentice without their own training costs.
  • The customer pays a lower hourly rate before the consultant achieves full efficiency and independence.
  • The customer has no commitments to hire the consultant or hire after the apprenticeship period.
  • The customer can interrupt the apprenticeship process at any time.
  • The apprentice gets the opportunity to work.
  • The customer avoids expensive recruitment costs.
  • VOV Service Consult may train, strengthen its customer relationship and increase the competence of its other consultants.