VOV Service Consult


We help you get the right consultant

VOV Service Consult has many years of experience in appointing the right consultant for the right assignment and can offer you as a customer a wide range of consultants in electronics and computer technology.

Our consultants can work as:

  • Project manager
  • Developer
  • Constructor
  • Component purchaser
  • Tester
  • Advisor
  • Business developer
  • External auditors

We have junior consultants as well as senior consultants with many years of experience in most industries. We can hire staff for longer as well as shorter periods either full-time or part-time.


We offer three main consulting solutions:

  • Project manager
  • Internal consultant: VOV Service Consult takes o​n the role of system builder with an overall commitment in place with us, where we take total responsibility for the development and delivery of a turnkey system or subsystem.
  • Outdoor consultant: Our consultants are part of the customer’s organization and management as a competence or resource reinforcement.
  • Field consultant: VOV Service Consult and the customer train consultants for the start-up of projects on site under the customer’s management.


We are a network with many different types of consultants from most industries. Together with you as a customer, we can compose the right project group and staff your projects in the best possible way based on competence and cost. Industries from which we have extensive experience are:

  • Electrical power
  • Train and railway
  • Process
  • Workshop
  • Automation