VOV Service Consult

Electronics Development

VOV Service Consult has about twenty designers with skills and levels in electronics. Our flat and flexible organization means that we can quickly develop prototypes to be able to start testing sub-functions and detect any problems as early as possible in the projects. We work systematically and work is led by our project managers.

We are happy to take overall commitments from idea to finished product within the work areas:

  • Industrial electronics.
  • Built-in systems
  • Sensors and sensor systems
  • Wired or wireless communication
  • Connected electronics and IoT
  • Power electronics – IGBT and thyristors
  • Human electronics
  • Reconstruction of older electronics

Examples of sub-assignments:

  • Surveys / feasibility studies / needs analysis
  • Production of requirements specification
  • Production of test specification
  • Design and construction
  • Calculation and simulation
  • Schedule drawing
  • Production of printed circuit board (PCB drawing)
  • Programming in Assembler, C and VHDL (built-in software)
  • Technical review
  • Functional solutions with the USB bus