VOV Service Consult

Circular Eletronics

Let us help you revive broken electronics

All electronics age and wear out and have a predetermined MTBF (Meantime between failure). If we can then contribute with our expertise and repair broken industrial electronics, it is in most cases the best for your needs and our environment.

We here at ​VOV Service Consult like to solve problems and to be able to put our teeth into industrial electronics that can most likely be repaired. Our engineers have many years of experience in troubleshooting and problem solving that allows us to efficiently repair a lot of electronics that have stopped working or have broken down due to other circumstances.

We usually repair various machine components or power products that have some form of electronics in them. It can be various circuit boards (combitrol, combiflex, control board, I / O board, memory card, radio card etc.), thyristors, IGBTs, power supplies, PLCs, displays, AC / DC converters, DC / DC converters, DC / AC converters, sensors, sensors, motor controllers, communication buses, wireless devices, software and much more.