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Sustainable growth in a company with solid foundations at an international level

About Us

VOV Service Consult was founded in 2020 and over the years we are becoming a significant supplier of electronics consultants in the areas of industrial electronics, embedded systems, power electronics, sensors, wireless communication and reproduction of older technology, in cooperation with International Partners. The company has senior, middle and new engineers who are constantly trained in the company and International Partners. Customers are offered indoor, outdoor and field consultants against needs and assignments. The head office is located in Porto and we have a branch in Ludvika, Sweden. Our customers are all over the world. To stay at the forefront, we arrange specially adapted electronics training for customers, companies and polytechnics. We have a burning commitment here to develop, increase the competence both internally and with engineers in the industry. We at VOV Service Consult are a close-knit, happy and creative gang that constantly solves problems. We want to be at the forefront and are constantly looking for new skills.

Some of our competences:

  • Digital Eletronics
  • Power Eletronics-IGBT and Thyristors
  • Train Eletronics
  • Sensors and Sensors Systems
  • Wired and Wireless transmission
  • USB, USB-C and USB4
  • AID
  • MEMS
  • PCB Drawing
  • Recreate older eletronics

Our Services

Technical Education

We organize tailor made training ourselves and with partners

Electronics Development

VOV Service Consult has about twenty designers with skills and levels in electronics.

Firmware Development

We can develop firmware so that the desired functions are obtained in different PIC processors and FPGA circuits.

PCB Drawing

We have many years of experience in helping customers to develop a digital layout CAD (Computer Aided Design) over the technical drawing for a design.

CE Marking

A product marking for the European Union's internal market.


We can offer you as a customer a wide range of consultants in electronics and computer technology.


At VOV Service Consult we use a variaty of products.

Project Management

VOV Service Consult can offer project management in both large and small projects and can take on all different roles in the area.

Circular Electronics

All electronics age and wear out, we can help with that.

Electronics Prototypes

We offer you fast production of prototypes and circuit boards.

Apprenticeship program

Our training program with apprentices/consultants is a good alternative for all parties involved.

Test and Test

A big advantage to hire us is that we have our own medium voltage lab with ESD secured area and a separate climate zone.


We at VOV Service Consult are a close-knit, happy and creative gang that constantly solves problems. We are a young team team ready to help anyone who needs our services.

Emília Santos

Chief Executive Officer

“I am a results-driven CEO with a passion for innovation and growth.”

Vitorino Vinagre

Vitorino Vinagre

Software Developer

“The roots of work may be bitter but the fruit is sweet”

Diogo Santos

Diogo Santos

Comissioning Engineer

“Challenges are meant to be overcome.”

Vasco Pereira

Installation Supervisor

“Do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”

Work with us we are waiting for you!

If you want to become one of us, it is obviously good to have a great interest in electronics, want to develop and like to take responsibility. We invest a lot in our staff both in terms of well-being and competence development. Today, about twenty hungry electronics and software developers work with us. You might be our next!

In order for you to be able to work with us, the necessary competence in electronics/IT/mechanics is required and we value higher education in the mentioned areas. It is also a merit with knowledge in medical technology and handicap technology. We like to see that our employees master English in both speech and text.

At the moment we are looking for some specific roles:

Eletrical Engineer (HW, FW)
Mechanical Engineer
Software Engineer (SW, WEB)
Knowledge on Eletrics
Knowledge on Mechanics
Knowledge on Software

You have two different ways to apply, you can use our contact form by choosing the Application subject (be sure you don’t forget otherwise we will not see it as an application) and you should send your resume and a short apresentation letter, in the message you should say what role you are applying to. The other you can apply for a job with us is by using this
Applications that do not meet the formal requirements, we do not respond to.


In case you want to contact us this is the place for that. Here you have access to information about the company to make it easier to talk with us and you can even write us. If you are trying to apply for a job with us you have to attach your CV and choose “Application” as subject, otherwise we will not accept the application


Rua das Oliveiras 40, Pedrouços, Portugal




+351 964 924 697