VOV Service Consult

Electronics Prototypes

We offer you fast production of prototypes and circuit boards. This is possible thanks to our experience, organization, development process and several years of cooperation with local suppliers.

If you have ready-made printed circuit boards such as gerber files (production files) and access to all included components, we can produce a first functional prototype within a week!

Function prototype

A functional prototype is a fully functional 2-layer circuit board that lacks e.g. solder mask. The advantage of these is that they can be manufactured very quickly, which is a great advantage in certain situations and projects.

Production prototype

A production prototype is used to check that everything is working properly in the entire production chain. This type of prototype is mainly used for larger production series and takes slightly longer than functional prototypes to produce. Electronics CAD mainly use Zuken Cadstar for Elektronik-CAD, as does our loyal partner Elektronik Mekanik, which facilitates the transition from prototype to production where adjustments (production adaptation) may sometimes need to be made before a series is to be produced. If you need a simple mechanical prototype, we can draw it in SolidWorks and produce production data.