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PCB Drawing

We can help you with CAD

We here at ​VOV Service Consult have many years of experience in helping customers to develop a digital layout CAD (Computer Aided Design) over the technical drawing for a design. This will be the PCB layout which is then used to make circ​uit boards with. Of course, we are also happy to help if you already have a design with a layout that you want us to review.

PCB drawing (PCB)

We have experience of everything from simple 2-layer cards to advanced multi-layer cards with strict requirements for insulation, cooling and signals that will transmit information at high speeds. The layout work involves, component placement, wiring, specification of basic materials, etc. Our many years of experience in circuit board production means that we have great opportunities to make good layouts that provide a production-friendly and cost-effective solution. We always have an EMC perspective on the construction and layout.

Component installation

Working with a CAD tool involves managing component databases, it is about finding or drawing a schema symbol, PCB symbol and such linking these to a component (party). The component can then be used in the diagram and finally in the PCB drawing. We can expand your databases as well as use your existing databases to meet your specific needs.


When the printed circuit board documentation has been produced, but you are not really sure that full function can be achieved with the existing layout. Then we can offer a qualified review of your documents. The audit work is based on checklists that are reviewed and where specific customer requirements are checked in addition to the points in the checklist’s standard design. We always have an EMC perspective on design and review work.

CAD on ​VOV Service Consult

We work primarily in the tool Cadstar, but can of course use the tool you as a customer want. Within CAD, we can offer component installation, schematic drawing and PCB layout to our customers. If desired, we can also review your component dat​abases. We can also help with mechanics CAD with the help of, for example, Solid Works.