VOV Service Consult

Test and Test

We offer you high competence and your own lab

A big advantage to hire us is that we have our own medium voltage lab with ESD secured area and a separate climate zone. We are investing and upgrading the lab as we do so that we can constantly perform more and more tests in-house. Here we can also build / construct customer-specific test equipment. If the lab does not pass the tests, we have good collaborations with various partners. Tests of prototype.

During prototype development, we continuously test all developed cards to verify function and performance. For these tests, we have access to a number of different instruments, including:

  • Medium voltage up to 25,000 VAC and DC.
  • Oscilloscope with bus analyzer for the most common communication interfaces such as Profibus, Profinet, CAN, USB, I2C and SPI.
  • Data logger with both analog and digital channels and CAN.
  • Thermal camera to see that everything is fine in temperature.
  • EMC test where we with our own EMC – Binary Supply feed the measuring object without disturbances.

EMC Tests

Motor tests are used to determine if the product can withstand interference from the environment while maintaining function, but also to ensure that it does not interfere with ambient equipment. Here we can help with:

  • Identify applicable standards based on design and environment.
  • Peripherals, feeders, measuring instruments, data loggers.
  • Assist in the tests themselves.
  • Report writing.
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving.

HALT / HASS tests

These tests involve exposing the circuit boards to extreme temperatures and temperature variations and also shaking the cards to primarily simulate rapid aging. In a second stage, the cards are pressed so hard that they break to be able to determine which weak points there are. Exercise Control can help with:

  • Test plan based on current standards.
  • Peripherals, feeders, measuring instruments, data loggers.
  • Build fixtures and test sets
  • Assist in the tests themselves.
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving.

Customer-specific test rig

We produce customer-specific test rigs if needed. In one case we developed a test rig in a 19″ rack to test two circuit boards that our customer had. Their task is to supply voltage to two high voltage capacitors. Our test rig monitored and controlled the charge so that everything worked as it should on the customer’s circuit board.We also produced a manual on the test rig, so that our customer could see how we proceeded when we performed tests. All test results were documented.

Type testing

To verify that the product meets all requirements and current standards, type tests are run. These may include:

  • EMC tests.
  • Climate tests – heat, cold humidity.
  • Transport tests – vibrations and shocks.
  • Long-term tests

Production tests

Before delivery of a product, it is common to have some form of production test to verify, for example, function ​and performance. ​VOV Service Consult can assist here with:

  • Construction of test rigs, for more extensive tests.
  • Programming of memories and processors.
  • Functional test and calibration.
  • Test of performance and accuracy.
  • Final assembly.